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Need advice? Having an ethical dilemma? Wondering what the protocol is for your situation?
Ask Eddie Cut.


Find Answers to life's perplexing questions and even the really stupid ones at
The Oracle Temple of The Magic Chicken

  First ever Triilion Dollar Cash Giveaway in the History of the world.  Sign up here for your chance to win. Don't worry we won't be selling off your information.

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Moon Bughead is giving away the farm.

  Take a glimpse into the mind of one of histories great inventors and comedians, Benjamin Franklin, as he discusses his latest discoveries in the science of flatulence.
Benjamin Franklin's
Theory of Farting
  Looking for a special gift for a loved one? Having difficulties with your Boss? Let Ernie handle it for you.
Kiss My Ass Ernie
Puts things in perspective.
  Feeling like a maggot in the festering sore of life?  Then you need healing> Try Moon Bughead's Pocket Doctor.
Moon Bughead's Pocket Doctor
Get the Cure for what's ailing you!
  If you can't think of the right thing to say, try the wrong thing--Give them a Moon Bughead Greeting Card!
Send An E-Card to someone! Cards for numerous occasions!
  Has life beaten you to death with too many stupid questions? Are you confused, perplexed and puzzled? Let Moon Bughead show you the light...
Questions...? Confused...?
Moon Bughead has the answer to all your questions...
  Hear Moon Bughead Live From Yahoo Farm's Burlesque Barnyard.
Sound Bytes!
Live from the Burlesque Barnyard at Yahoo Farm
  Don't get caught without your officiol Moon Bughead t-shirt, or you may not get any desert.
See the T-shirt that launched the fashion industry into a new era!
  Need a shopping diversion? Unique, one of a kind gifts found here at Moon Bughead's Curiosity Shop.
Visit Moon Bughead's
Curiosity Shop
  Media kit, Press photos, Bio, Press Releases and news about Moon Bughead and more...
  Be sure to visit and see the chickens!
Visit Yahoo Farm!
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