The Moon Bughead BILLION DOLLAR Giveaway!


Funds have been deposited in an interest bearing checking account and as soon as they reach the Billion Dollar Mark they will be awarded to some lucky entrant. Our account executive figures that with compounding interest our $5 deposit should be $1,001,737,864.68 by January 1st of 2702 a mere 701 years from now!

Just think how exciting it would be--$$$ A BILLION DOLLARS $$$$--A few lifetimes from now you could be receiving a call from me, Moon Bughead,

"Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the billion dollar giveaway!"

By then you probably would have forgotten all about even entering. You would be very, very surprised and excited.

Enter your name and email address above, and we will keep you posted as to the jackpot amount.

Limit one entry per lifetime.

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