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Darin Lang
4729 Waleska Hwy 108
Jasper, GA 30143
(770) 735-3638




JASPER, GA 3 April 2001—Stand-up comedian Moon Bughead has come up with an intriguing contest that has generated a couple of firsts in the history of contests. First he will be giving away a trillion dollars, the first ever trillion dollar giveaway. Secondly it will be the longest running contest in history, with the final prize being awarded at the next millennium.

Entry is open to everyone whose laws allow them to participate. When I entered at I was presented with an official entry certificate to print. The certificate can be willed to someone, so it is possible that a person in the future could have quite a collection of certificates collected over the centuries offering them many chances to win in the upcoming drawing. It is hoped that it will be an international contest with people from every country joining. There is however a limit of one entry per person per lifetime.

The first drawing will be held January 1st, 2702 for a billion dollars. If no one comes forward with the official chosen certificate the prize jackpot will roll over and the next drawing will be April 1st, 2955 for a trillion dollars. If the prize is still not claimed a third drawing will occur on January 1st, 2999 for 3 trillion dollars. If the prize is still not claimed, on January 1st, 3000 Moon Bughead will usher in the next millennium by buying everyone in the world an ice cream cone!

Moon Bughead said, “It’s a great contest. If nobody wins, then everybody wins. Ice cream for everyone!” According to Moon Bughead he has been a comedian all his life. He has recently put together a web site at to showcase some of his comedy in the form of Flash cartoons (a popular form of web site animation).

Moon Bughead’s sense of humor shows up in the fact that the contest will only cost him $5 which he has deposited in an interest bearing checking account earning 2.73 % interest. At that low rate, 100 years from today the account jackpot will only have grown to $76.43, yet with compounding interest it will have grown to over 3 trillion dollars by the year 3000. $3,000,000,000,000.00 That’s alot of money!