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Darin Lang
4729 Waleska Hwy 108
Jasper, GA 30143
(770) 735-3638


Burlesque Barnyard Banter

JASPER, GA 25 April 2001—Stand-up comedian Moon Bughead is releasing select snippets from his recent performances at Yahoo Farm in MP3 format for Radio Stations and others to play royalty free. They are available for download at

In his recent series of recordings "Live from the Burlesque Barnyard at Yahoo Farm," Moon Bughead performs for well,..animals. Farm animals to be exact. If you have never heard a chicken or a duck laughing before, it is worth listening to. This reporter was simply rolling on the floor.

There are currently two selections available, but Moon says that he will be adding more every week. They are made available in the MP3 format which allows high compression, meaning smaller file size and faster dowloads, with out a noticable deterioration in audio quality. The sound bytes are playable on most any personal computer or Rio type player and software is available to convert them to other formats.

Moon is releasing these in an effort to get people to laugh a bit more. "The market for comedy is pretty narrow these days. If I make it free and available, maybe comedy will get popular again." said Moon in a recent interview, "If everybody stopped being so serious this would be a much funner world. Everybody just needs to go and get a chicken."

By the way you can see Moon Bughead's chickens here.