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Moon BugheadHi! Moon Bughead here, thanks for stopping in. I know what you’re thinking. How did I get a cool name like Moon Bughead? I admit it isn’t a real common type name, but it is my god given name.

My parents were your typical anti-establishment, meditating, organic gardening, free loving, smeared all over the universe, sun bathing, bongo playing, lay around the shack and get a good buzz on, boring parents. I guess in a lot of ways they were your typical all American parents and in even more ways they weren’t.

My mother was 50% Indian(native American) and my father was 100% screwed up. Since my mother was Indian they decided to name me as an Indian. That way I would have a name that was in harmony with nature and not the result of some Anglo-Saxon exploitation.

My mother gave birth to me Indian style..... as fast as possible! It was a natural birth with no pain killers or anesthesia. My parents made sure they were totally wasted for weeks before the birth.

After the blessed event they took me outside to show me around. “What shall your name be my son?” asked my father as he held me up to the sky, “Look how bright the moon shines.”

Just then a huge bug smashed into my head. The bug made a crashing sound as it impacted, bug guts flew everywhere splattering my parents with green bug crap and I started laughing.

My mother and father looked at the bug impacted on my forehead as the light of the full moon reflected off my shiny head and in unison said, “Moon Bughead.” And that’s how I got my name.